Wulf & Eadwacer

an experimental translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem

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Using variation, repetition, redaction, and erasure, Wulf & Eadwacer aims to release the enigmatic Old English poem back into its radical complexity—to restore the lacunae, the indeterminacy, and the strangeness that makes the Anglo-Saxon version of “Wulf ond Eadwacer” so haunting. As can be seen in the poems linked above, Wulf & Eadwacer uses fragments of the original Old English both to re-acquaint the reader with her etymological roots and to make her a bit of a stranger in her own language. Code-switching between the original Old English and Modern English, Wulf & Eadwacer embraces the proto-feminist, disjunctive voice of the original poem so that its enigmatic nature and plurality can fully be explored for the first time.

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